Hollande: creditors could get new rescue deal for Greece swiftly if ‘yes’ wins on Sunday


President Francois Hollande says creditors could get a new rescue deal for Greece quickly if they vote 'yes' in Sunday's referendum.

Greeks will vote on whether to accept a series of budget measures that creditors proposed in exchange for loans. The proposals related to a deal on Greeces bailout program, which has now expired. But the vote will give an indication of where the Greek people stand on the talks with creditors. The government is pushing for a 'no.'

Hollande says "the consequences are not the same if it's a yes or no. If it's the yes, even if it's on the basis of proposals that have already expired, negotiations can resume and I imagine be quickly concluded. We are in something of an unknown."

Hollande was speaking in Cotonou, Benin.