Former PM Costas Karamanlis backs ‘yes’ campaign


Former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis is urging fellow Greeks to vote 'yes' in Sunday's referendum because the alternative could entail dangers to the country's security and bring even more hardship for the poor.

Karamanlis, who is still a lawmaker in the Greek Parliament, said in a televised address that those voting 'no believing it would strengthen Greeces bargaining position are making a "grave mistake" despite their good intentions.

He said a 'no victory would be interpreted around the world as a "choice to leave from the heart of Europe" and that it would be "a first step toward the exit."

Karamanlis, a conservative who led Greece before its economic crisis broke five years ago and has kept a low profile since, urged voters to "affirm with determination" that the country is an "inseparable part of Europe."