Greek party leaders issue joint statement


Greek party leaders on Monday signed a joint statement, expressing common goals, including the securing of funding in exchange for reforms and seeking debt relief.

A statement issued from the office of President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who chaired the meeting, released the statement by the leaders of the coalition parties Syriza and Independent Greeks as well as the heads of New Democracy, PASOK and centrist Potami. The Communist Party (KKE) leader attended but did not sign while the head of neofascist Golden Dawn did not attend.

The joint statement reads as follows:

The recent verdict of the Greek people is not a mandate for a rift but for the continuation and bolstering of the effort to achieve a socially just and economically sustainable agreement.

It is in this direction that the government assumes the responsibility for continuing negotiations. And every party leader will contribute within the context of their institutional and political role.

The joint aim is to reach a solution that will secure:

– adequate covering for the country's funding requirements

– credible reforms based on the fair distribution of burdens and the promotion of growth with the least possible recessionary impact

– a strong, front-loaded growth program aimed at dealing with joblessness and boosting entrepreneurship

– a commitment to the start of an essential discussion as regards tackling the problem of the sustainability of greek public debt

The immediate priority is to restore liquidity to the credit system, in coordination with the ECB.