Overwhelming majority of Greeks want to keep euro


A total of 84 percent of Greeks want to keep the euro, an opinion poll released on Friday showed, with just 12 percent favoring a return to the drachma, as the country races to clinch a cash-for-reforms deal with its creditors.

The poll by Metron Analysis for Parapolitika newspaper showed that although the overwhelming majority of those polled want to remain in the single currency, 55 percent said it was the right choice to vote 'No' in last weekend's referendum on tough austerity measures.

SYRIZA maintained a commanding lead over the opposition conservatives with 45.6 percent of Greeks saying they would vote for the leftist party of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras were there to be parliamentary polls, up from the 36.3 percent the party garnered in January's election.

The center-right New Democracy has seen its support drop from 27.8 percent to 22.7 percent.

It was not immediately clear when the poll was conducted.