Greek coalition partner says he cannot back bailout terms


Greece's junior governing coalition partner said on Monday it could not support bailout proposals from lenders, but signaled it would remain in Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's government.

"The agreement speaks of 50 billion euros worth of guarantees concerning public property, of changes to the law including the confiscation of homes… We cannot agree to that," said Panos Kammenos, leader of the Independent Greeks party.

However he said the party would remain in the coalition with Tsipras's left-wing SYRIZA party.

Tspiras already faces dissent within ranks of his own party for agreeing, in overnight crisis talks with EU leaders, to talks on an 86-billion-euro lifeline to stave off a financial meltdown. However pro-European opposition parties may support the measures, ensuring they pass.

Under those agreed terms, the Greek parliament must pass a raft of reforms by Wednesday, July 15, including increases to value-added tax and pension reform.