New Athens water company head denies party ties got him the job


The new managing director of the Athens Water and Sewage Company (EYDAP) has asked to be judged on the quality of his work, denying that he got the job because of his strong connections to SYRIZA.

Yiannis Benisis has come under attack from members of the New Democracy-affiliated workers’ union at EYDAP, who have accused him of wanting to remove company executives and replaced them with ones who are loyal to SYRIZA. Benisis, who is the partner of Attica Governor Rena Dourou, denied this was the case.

“For many years, as soon as the government changed, the new management at EYDAP would immediately change all the executives,” he told Kathimerini. “I will not do the same.”

Benisis, a mathematician who has run a number of businesses in the past, insisted that he is qualified for the role due to his experience.

“People who have learnt to stand on their own two feet, who have knowledge about how the market works, are more able to run an organization than those who have degrees but no experience,” he said.