Athens 2004 seeks torch relay runners

Organizers of the Athens 2004 Games yesterday presented the route that the Olympic torch relay will follow through Greece and appealed to Greeks aged over 14 to volunteer for the part of 7,700 torchbearers and 1,500 escorts for the domestic part of the first international torch relay. The Olympic Flame will be lit by the rays of the sun concentrated in a concave mirror in Ancient Olympia on March 25, Greece’s Independence Day. In the following seven days, it will be carried over part of the Peloponnese and islands of the Saronic Gulf before resting in the Panathenaic Stadium, where the Modern Olympics were revived in 1896, until June 4. It will then leave Greece for a tour of 33 cities on five continents in 35 days, returning on July 9 to be carried through all 54 prefectures, including 32 islands, over a distance of 5,300 kilometers, before the Olympics begin on August 13. Applications can be found at