City Hall raps ‘woefully inadequate’ government efforts over refugees


Athens municipal authorities on Wednesday issued scathing criticism of the government over its handling of an intensifying refugee crisis, calling its efforts “woefully inadequate” and urging the state to “wake up” and take initiatives on the national and European level to tackle the crisis.

In a statement, City Hall said a rising influx of refugees calls for a “national strategy” for receiving and caring for them. It added that the capital is “at the center of this situation,” referring to the crowds of immigrants that end up in Athens and are usually unable to find shelter.

City Hall has sought to help the migrants with the aid of regional authorities “but unfortunately this is no longer enough,” the statement said, calling for the creation of “open” reception centers at abandoned military facilities.

“The government must finally wake up and actively respond, not only to the Athens Municipality but to its residents, and to all those who have strived and continue to strive for human rights and dignity,” the statement said.