Temperatures to rise this week in mainland, north


Meteorologists expect temperatures to rise this week, mainly in mainland Greece and in the north, with the heat wave pushing past the 40-Celsius mark on Wednesday and Thursday.

In Athens, Monday’s 37-degree Celsius daytime high is expected to reach 39-40 and above in parts of the city by the middle of the week.

Winds are not expected to exceed 4 on the Beaufort scale and will not offer much relief. Forecasts for Thessaloniki paint a similar picture, though higher humidity levels in the northern port city usually make for a more oppressive atmosphere.

Southern Greece will be much more fortunate, as temperatures in the seaside town of Kalamata are not expected to climb above the 34-Celsius mark all week, similarly to the Cycladic islands, which will be seeing ideal summer holiday weather over the next few days.