Lafazanis committed to SYRIZA’s election pledges


Former Greek Energy Minister Panayiotis Lafazanis is not voting in favor of a possible new deal currently under negotiation between the government and the country's creditors and he expects that fellow radical leftist MPs of ruling SYRIZA will do the same.

Speaking to the press during a visit to the northern port city of Thessaloniki on Wednesday, the former minister noted that SYRIZA’s so-called “Left Platform” was still backing the coalition government.

“We support the government to implement its program. We are committed to SYRIZA’s pre-election program, we are committed to the government’s election pledges,” said Lafazanis, adding that “We do not support prior actions for the memorandum."

The SYRIZA hardliner was removed from the Energy Ministry in a reshuffle which took place in July.