Firm donates dozens of air conditioning units for Athens refugee camp


Authorities are hopeful of completing a temporary camp for refugees near central Athens after a company agreed to donate dozens of air conditioning units needed for the prefabricated structures that will house the asylum seekers.

Work on the camp began last week. It will be located at an empty plot of land in Elaionas that is owned by the City of Athens.

However, a problem emerged when it was discovered that the air conditioning units installed in the prefabricated structures were not working properly.

Skai TV reported on Wednesday that a Greek company has offered to provide around 100 air condition units free of charge for the camp, which will house up to 600 refugees that are currently living in tents in Pedion tou Areos park.

While authorities wait for the cooling units to be delivered, they are making attempts to make the bare plot more livable by planting shrubs and installing canopies to provide shade.