‘Enough ND hypocrisy’

Papandreou has been the subject of much media hype. How do you explain this and to what extent is the change of climate in PASOK due to this? First of all, let me make it clear that the change of leadership in a ruling party, particularly in the way it has been done, is a major political event. As such, it is only natural for the public and the media to be very interested. You have seen that even leading international media organizations have been dealing at length with developments in Greece. People realize that what is happening here is a «quiet democratic revolution,» as we call it. This liberates forces and awakens consciences. The only ones who have not yet realized what is happening are the New Democracy cadres who are muttering banalities about «communication tricks» and so on. What do you think of the way ND has reacted to PASOK’s change of leadership? New Democracy was taken by surprise once again by PASOK’s ability to renew itself. I understand their panic, but they can’t complain. Have they forgotten that when Costas Karamanlis was elected head of their party, they thought it was a wonderful idea to broadcast images of Karamanlis flying a kite or playing football? Activities that had little to do with politics. What is really bothering them is the importance everyone is giving to the major political event which is PASOK’s new beginning. So enough of ND’s hypocrisy. They shouldn’t be looking for excuses for their imminent defeat.

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