Two arrested for hurling homemade bombs at refugee tents on Lesvos


As tensions rise on Lesvos, police on Sunday arrested two teenagers for hurling homemade petrol bombs at tents set up by refugees near the port of the eastern Aegean island, injuring a 30-year-old Syrian man.

Also on Sunday, police using riot batons clashed with refugees beating one unconscious and leaving several others injured, reports said. One person was taken away in ambulance, according to the same reports.

Asylum-seekers and migrants are demanding that local authorities process them quickly towards the mainland. Thousands are waiting to be identified and ferried to Athens to continue their trip to other European countries.

Meanwhile Saturday a newborn migrant boy was found dead after his parents reached the steep shores of the Greek island of Agathonisi in a boat from Turkey.

The baby boy was taken to hospital on the nearby island of Samos, where he was pronounced dead.