Leftist veteran Glezos calls on Greeks to vote either Popular Unity or for Communists


Leftist veteran Manolis Glezos, who is running in next Sunday’s elections on the ticket of Popular Unity, a breakaway party of SYRIZA rebels, called on Greeks on Friday to vote for either Popular Unity or the Communist Party (KKE).

“There are only two anti-memorandum forces today which have the ability to elect MPs,” he told Mega television channel, referring to Popular Unity and KKE. “One must not undermine the other or take a stand against the other,” he added, saying that the two parties should make "a joint appeal to the people."

The leader of Popular Unity, Panagiotis Lafazanis, has appealed several times to KKE leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas, to join forces ahead of the elections but the latter has rejected the former minister’s overtures, saying Lafazanis’ plan for a Greek euro exit and that of KKE are so different that they are “like day and night.”