Notebook found at terror cache had list of abduction targets


Counter-terrorism officers who seized a large cache of heavy weaponry from a building in Marathon, eastern Attica, are examining a notebook with names of suspected targets for abduction including dozens of entrepreneurs. 

The notebook included detailed guidelines for carrying out the planned abductions, according to police sources who provided no details about the identity of the targeted individuals. The list of targets was said to include the names of 30 entrepreneurs, according to sources. 

Ballistics tests carried out on the weapons found in the storage building in Marathon, including rocket-propelled grenades, Kalashnikov assault rifles and submachine guns, indicated that none have been used in any terrorist attacks or robberies. Officers also seized several stolen vehicles from the site. One of the cars is believed to have been used in the abduction of prominent industrialist Giorgos Mylonas in 2008, a crime linked to fugitive bank robber, Vassilis Paleocostas. 

A search earlier this week on a house in Molos, Fthiotida, central Greece, also turned up weapons which similarly proved not to have been used in any criminal activities.

Both the Fthiotida and Marathon properties have been linked to Giorgos Petrakakos, an alleged terrorist arrested in Volos last week and believed to be an accomplice of Nikos Maziotis, the leader of the Revolutionary Struggle guerrilla group.