Tickets for Greek museums, sites to rise next season

Tickets for Greek museums, sites to rise next season

Entrance fees for Greek museums and archaeological sites are to increase significantly, doubling and even tripling in some cases, during next year’s tourist season, from April to October.

Following approval by Greece’s Central Archaeological Council late on Tuesday, the admission fee for Greece’s ancient sites is to rise next year as part of a bid by Greek authorities to raise revenue and bring prices closer to those charged in other European countries for access to museums.

The price of tickets will only increase from April to October, Greece’s extended tourist season, but the rest of the year they will remain at the current level, according to the plan.

One of the sharpest increases is for the Acropolis Museum, where a ticket will cost 20 euros compared to 12 euros now.

Entrance to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens will see a more modest hike, from 7 to 10 euros, as will tickets for the Archaeological Museum of Iraklio on Crete, which will rise to 10 euros from 6.

Entrance to the archaeological site at Knossos will cost 15 euros between April and October, compared to 6 euros now.

Other sites currently charging very low prices will see significant increases, such as the archaeological site at Amphipolis, where a ticket will rise to 6 euros rather than the current 2.

Authorities hope the planned change will bring in some 21 million euros. It is hoped that the revenue will offset the amount lost following a decision by the first SYRIZA-led government to abolish the 5-euro fee for visits to state hospitals, a senior Culture Ministry official told Kathimerini.