Friend of murdered rapper gives testimony


A friend of Pavlos Fyssas, the 34-year-old rapper killed by a Golden Dawn member in September 2013, on Tuesday described the actions of GD supporters on the night of his death, corroborating prosecutors’ claims that the neo-Nazi party operated with a military-style structure and discipline.

In his testimony before a special court in Korydallos Prison set up to hear the trial of the party’s leadership and dozens of supporters, Giorgos Doulvaris said a “formation” of about 30 or 40 people set upon him, Fyssas and some other friends.

“They were armed, they were organized like a battalion,” Doulvaris said. “They were like animals, they kept provoking us.”

He said he managed to get away but turned back when he realized Fyssas was not with him.

“Some police officers were there but they didn’t help us at all,” Doulvaris said, adding that he went to get his car to drive Fyssas to the hospital after waiting 40 minutes for an ambulance.