Stathakis faces full investigation over alleged lapses in wealth declarations


Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis is to be investigated by the parliamentary committee responsible for reviewing politicians’ derivation of wealth forms (pothen esches) after allegations that he had failed to declare two bank accounts.

Stathakis immediately responded that both accounts belonged to his mother but that he and his brother were listed as joint holders. The minister said that the accounts were declared in 2013 but that he had been removed as a joint holder in 2014, when he did not declare it.

Nevertheless, chartered accountants who examined his declarations believe they have not been properly filled in and that some assets have not been declared.

As a result, the committee will now launch a full investigation, which could include probing Stathakis’s accounts.

The panel began to look into the minister’s declarations after it emerged he had failed to declare 1 million euros in savings in 2011.