Six fundamental questions begging to be answered

1. Waiting times for examinations and operations is one of the hospitals’ major failings, especially in Athens, and a constant source of complaints by patients. How will you deal with this problem? 2. A majority of citizens protest that they have had to resort to under-the-table payments to medical and paramedical staff. How will you stamp out this phenomenon? 3. A recent MRB survey showed that two in 10 citizens regard the lack of hospital beds as a serious problem, which is dealt with by putting patients in corridors. What will you do to tackle the issue? 4. On the one hand, Attica’s hospitals are overcrowded; on the other, regional hospitals are empty and functioning at unacceptable levels. Moreover, the complaint is often voiced that hospitals lack vascular disease experts, neurosurgeons, etc. How do you aim to persuade doctors to take up positions in hospitals in the provinces? 5. According to OECD data, 44 percent of overall health spending is private as compared to a corresponding EU average of 26 percent. What will you do to reduce private spending on health? 6. Greece is virtually last in the EU in state spending on health. How will you deal with the underfunding of ESY?