New drive to hear disciplinary cases in civil service


Authorities launched a new effort Thursday to push through dozens of disciplinary cases involving civil servants, which have been piling up despite the government’s efforts to speed up the process a few months ago.

The Body of Inspectors-Controllers for Public Administration (SEEDD) issued a circular Thursday asking for disciplinary panels to provide details about the cases they hear or are due to hear. Each panel was asked to reveal when it is due to meet and to list the cases it is scheduled to hear, as well as the verdicts once they have been issued.

Interior Minister Panayiotis Kouroublis and Alternate Minister for Administrative Reform Christoforos Vernardakis attempted last October to speed up the process, fearing that some civil servants who had been accused of serious offenses would be allowed to return to work, pending their hearings.

At the time, more than 450 civil servants were waiting to go before disciplinary panels.