Court rejects extradition claim for four students


A council of appeals court judges has rejected a request to extradite two Greek students to Italy to be tried for alleged offenses committed during the Expo 2015 protests.

The ruling, announced after a seven-hour session Friday, came one day after the court upheld an appeal by another two students being sought by the Italian authorities on the same charges.

Judges will consider the appeal of a fifth student on Monday.

The offenses the five men have been charged with by Italian authorities carry prison sentences of between eight and 15 years. According to the defense, the charges are “vague and uncorroborated.”

Cars were torched, street furniture destroyed and buildings damaged by fire and defaced by spray paint during the riots in Milan on May 1 last year, which marred the opening day of the Expo, a global fair focused on the theme of sustainable food production.