Salonica is Greek Web capital

The typical Greek Internet user is an educated, affluent male city-dweller aged 18-24 who is looking for specific information, according to a new survey made public yesterday. The nationwide poll conducted by GfK Market Analysis between November 11 and 24 found that 59 percent of all Greek Internet users have access at home, while 30 percent surf the Web at work. Seven percent use university computers, 5 percent go to Internet cafes and a further 2 percent log on from friends’ or relatives’ homes. Previous surveys have shown that some 15.1 percent of all Greeks use the Internet, while about 75 percent of the population does not own a computer. According to the Gfk Market Analysis poll, 35 percent of all Greek men use the Internet, and 50 percent of all people aged 18-24. Furthermore, 50 percent of university-educated Greeks and 53 percent of wealthy Greeks use the Web. Thessaloniki turned out to be the country’s Internet capital, with 42 percent of its residents using the Web. The corresponding figure for Athens was 38 percent.