PASOK trims ND poll lead

The ruling PASOK party appears to be recovering from the blow it suffered last month when a junior minister tried to pass controversial legislation favoring a land developer. A nationwide telephone poll conducted by VPRC for Skai radio among 1,186 people on Feb. 2-3 found that if elections were held today, 32.7 percent would vote for New Democracy and 29.2 percent for PASOK. A week earlier (Jan. 28-29), the difference stood at 32.6 percent versus 28.1 percent. If the undecided were factored in, ND would get 46.5 percent (from 47 percent) and PASOK 42 percent (from 41 percent). The Communist Party would get 5 percent (from 4 percent) and Synaspismos Left Coalition would remain at 3 percent. Also, 55 percent had a positive opinion of the way in which PASOK’s extraordinary congress will name Foreign Minister George Papandreou as its new leader tomorrow, with a vote by party members and «friends» on Sunday.