Samaras’s ex-adviser told to pay 3.5 mln in tax


Stavros Papastavrou, a lawyer who formerly served as adviser to Antonis Samaras while the conservative politician was prime minister, has been asked to pay 3.5 million euros in taxes in connection to a deposit in his name that was included in the infamous Lagarde list.

Financial prosecutors rejected Papastavrou’s argument that the 5.4-million-dollar deposit was not his money but belonged to Sabby Mionis, a Greek-Israeli businessman who was also the lawyer’s client and longtime friend.

Papastavrou said that he had made the deposit as he was named as the legal representative of a fund created by Mionis.

This argument was rejected by judicial authorities even though Mionis backed up Papastavrou’s explanation.

The case has now been referred to the first instance prosecutor’s office in Athens.

If Papastavrou pays the tax penalty, he will not face charges.

He has the option of paying and then appealing the decision.

Papastavrou claimed there is an organized effort under way to sully his name.