New Democracy and PASOK agree to combat populism


New Democracyand PASOK agreed on Friday to join forces to fight populism despite the fact the parties disagree on other points.

“There has to be an organized discussion between opposition parties to confront populism despite the clear ideological differences we have,” ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday after holding his first meeting with PASOK chief Fofi Gennimata since taking over as party leader.

The pair also agreed that farmers have a right to protest against the government’s pension reform proposals but disagreed with the protesters closing roads.

Mitsotakis is mulling the idea of calling for a parliamentary inquiry into the latest claims by ex-Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis regarding last year’s negotiations. Gennimata has already called for MPs to probe his allegations but the conservative chief has yet to take a position, although ND repeated its call on Friday for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to respond.

The issue is likely to be raised during Tuesday’s parliamentary debate.