Kos aiming for referendum on hosting hot spot


The municipal council on Kos, where some residents have strongly opposed efforts to construct a processing center for migrants and refugees, on Tuesday decided to hold a referendum on the island to canvass locals’ opinions about the so-called hot spot.

“Since government officials and the local MP believe that the majority of citizens on Kos are in favor of the hot spot, I have given instructions to the municipality’s general director to explore the options for holding a local referendum immediately so the people can decide if they are for or against the hot spot that is in the process of being constructed,” said Mayor Giorgos Kyritsis.

A citizens’ committee claims to have collected 7,000 signatures from locals who are against the center’s construction. Some locals on the island, inhabited by more than 30,000 people, have attacked police officers guarding a disused army camp that is being converted into a hot spot.