Karamanlis denies meeting ex-king’s son


Former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis threatened on Thursday to take legal action against Ethnos newspaper over claims that he had lunch in Athens with Nikolaos Glucksburg, the son of Greece’s former king, Constantine II.

The newspaper claimed that Karamanlis met with Glucksburg and former chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff Frangoulis Frangos at a private club in Athens. The latter was this week suggested by former cabinet secretary Panayiotis Baltakos as a potential leader for a new nationalist party that he wants to launch.

In his letter to Ethnos, Karamanlis said that he visited the club to meet with other people on a different floor to the one mentioned in the report. Sources said that two of Karamanlis’s former ministers, Dimitris Sioufas and Marietta Giannakou, were with the ex-premier.

It is the first time since he ceased being prime minister in 2009 that Karamanlis has responded publicly to a media report.