Contemporary art and long-lost topography

As soon as the board of the National Museum of Contemporary Art gets approval from the monitoring committee, it will officially award the prize for the architectural competition for the museum to 3sk Stylianides Architects, Tim Ronalds Architects and I. Mouzakis & Colleagues Architects. It looks like the end to the strenuous efforts by museum director Anna Kafetsi is finally in sight, and a new era for the new foundation has already begun. The prize-winning study both re-establishes a connection with Takis Tzenetos’s original design by retaining the glass and concrete lines on the Syngrou facade, and signals the new use of the building by a reference to the city’s long-lost topography. The channel of the Ilissos River reappears, rising up from the ground and floating, like a giant curtain on the Kallirois facade, which conceals the museum’s exhibition areas. For the interior, the architects offer the building something it currently lacks – public space, with an internal courtyard and a maze next to the sculpture gallery. The museum is unlikely to open before late 2006.