Unprecedented corruption, entangled interests

What do you think was Simitis’s greatest mistake? And what was the best moment in his government? We will have to make a sober appraisal of Simitis’s body of work at a later date. However, I believe that irrespective of his intentions, Simitis transformed the concept of reform and that of the center-left into a cover for the conservative transformation of PASOK. And that by using the process of handing large sectors of public property and policies under state control over to private interests, he encouraged the phenomenon of unprecedented corruption. Is there anything that has happened over the past four years which your party would now change in retrospect? Undoubtedly, there have been individual mistakes. There might also have been an exaggerated tolerance for phenomena that were clearly leading in a certain direction. However, I believe that in general terms we have moved in the right direction and, above all, we have come into contact with the most contemporary trends on the Left and associated movements.