Trikala town’s driverless bus completes pilot phase


The driverless bus that rolled out onto the streets of Trikala, central Greece, at the beginning of October last year has covered some 3,500 kilometers since then, carrying 11,302 passengers in the process.

The data was provided by Trikala Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou at the Smart Cities Conference Tuesday, a day after the trial of the French-built CityMobil2 ended.

Trikala was the first city in Europe to test a driverless bus in real traffic conditions as part of a European campaign to revolutionize mass transport.

“At this stage, the driverless bus was used less as a mode of public transport and more as a tourist attraction,” said Papastergiou.

“However, it provided useful information to scientists.”

The bus conducted some 1,400 journeys during its five-month test run.