Response to Communist Party polemics is policy that unifies

At the moment we are seeing a repetition of a familiar campaign phenomenon in the annals of the Greek Left – conflict between its political parties. What do you think of the belligerent criticism you are being subjected to by the KKE leadership? We respond to their polemics with our own unifying policy, which is neither weakness nor naivete. In recent years, we have gained valuable experience from international movements and from processes within the European Left. In the face of neoliberal globalization, a major new social movement and a new Left is being born and is slowly being strengthened. This new Left obviously is not the product of a virgin birth. It is being created by all of us who must transcend negative conditions and the differences between us. The unified ticket of the Radical Left Coalition is the fruit of that concept. It is a major step forward. Unfortunately, the KKE has remained outside this process. In these elections, the Greek left-wingers have to choose whom to encourage – those represented by the Radical Left Coalition or those represented by the KKE. Do you believe that this conflict does more harm to the Left Coalition and the Left generally? The Left in Greek society is a major, respectable force. Its problems and failings are systematically used to marginalize and inculpate the Left. These people should dig in their heels and demand the prominence they deserve. Throughout the world, the radical Left, together with social movements, is struggling for a different kind of world. The Left means concern for the future. Disputes of party hegemony and ideological monopoly are not where the new processes are being worked out. They are elsewhere.