Gambler sues over textbook dud check

A car salesman with a weakness for gambling has sued a private casino in northern Greece after a dud check he used to pay his debts made its way into a Thessaloniki University textbook as a prime example of an illegitimate payment order. According to a report in yesterday’s Ta Nea daily, the check was reproduced in a law school textbook on securities to illustrate crooked practices of paying by check – with the man’s full particulars clearly visible. The litigant, whose name was not made public, only found out after several of his clients called his honesty into doubt after seeing the textbook. The check was one of two the man issued in summer 1998 to cover his gambling debts at the Porto Carras Casino in Halkidiki. Both bounced, and were only redeemed in January 1999. The book was published in 2000. The car salesman sued the casino for breach of privacy.