Greek PM flies to Turkey for talks on migrants

Greek PM flies to Turkey for talks on migrants

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu will continue talks with Greece on the migration crisis at a meeting planned in the Turkish coastal city of Izmir.

The two leaders will head talks Tuesday at a joint meeting of cabinet ministers, hours after a European Union summit in Brussels outlined a deal that would see migrants being sent back from EU-member Greece to Turkey on a larger scale.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras flew directly to the Turkish city from Brussels to attend the talks.

Success of the European plan outlined early Tuesday will hinge largely on implementation of a Greek-Turkish readmission agreement to accept the return of migrants not given refugee status.

Before leaving Brussels, Tsipras said: "Our talks continue in Izmir, where I believe we will have a historic meeting, with a decision to amend the readmission agreement that sees Turkey take back all migrants who are not entitled to protection under international treaties."