Five police officers reprimanded over attack on ND MP


Five police officers face a monetary fine and a sullied record for failing to prevent an attack on New Democracy MP Giorgos Koumoutsakos at a rally in front of Parliament in central Athens in November last year.

A disciplinary board on Tuesday ruled that the five unnamed officers had failed to do their duty and act when Koumoutsakos was attacked by a mob in front of Parliament on the sidelines of a rally by Pontic Greeks upset by comments concerning historical events by Education Minister Nikos Filis.

Onlookers shouted “Resign” and “Traitor” at the lawmaker. He was punched by at least one person, had his jacket ripped and his glasses knocked off.

Koumoutsakos’s personal police guard is among the five officers who face disciplinary action after admitting that he had failed to secure a perimeter around the lawmaker.