On the road to success

Have the top contestants of the previous «Fame Story» embarked on the road to success after all? So far, yes, judging by the fact that most of them have already released an album or two and that some of them are performing on the live music circuit alongside top-selling names. The album «Fanatically» by «Fame Story» winner Notis Christodoulos went on sale in October 2003 by Heaven. On the same label, Nino Xipolitas, a favorite on the show, released «Nino, Nino, Nino» in July of the same year and in just one month the album reached gold status (over 20,000 copies sold). Another gold album was «Come Shine» by Aspasia Tsina, which was released in March 2003. Last October also saw Grigoris Petrakos’s «Everything Begins» hit the stores, while the third finalist, Thanos Petrelis, is expected to release his album at the end of February. Two older reality show players have also embraced success in the recording business. Prodromos Kathiniotis, a contestant on the first «Big Brother» series, which ended in 2001, waited just four months before releasing «The First Game» with Heaven. By December 2002, the album had gone gold and last June, the singer, who also sings at a club, released his second album, «Clear Sky.» His fellow contestant Dora Archindaki also has an album out, «Love’s Scars.» The all-girl group Hi-5, which transpired from «Pop Stars,» released a single of their successful song «I Know What I’m Looking For,» which sky-rocketed to gold in a few short months and is on its way to going platinum (40,000 copies sold), while the double CD-DVD of their concert at the Lycabettus Theater, which was released last Christmas, has already achieved gold status.