Reaching for the stars through reality TV

It is a feverish time for television as the media tries to keep pace with all the new developments in the electoral race. But there is also another focus of interest in Greek television right now, and that is reality shows: On the same day as the vote for a new leader of the ruling PASOK party, Mega Channel launched its musical talent search, «Super Idol,» which attracted some 5,000 young applicants. In both events, everyone was allowed to vote, though for the television show, one did not need to show any ID, but simply sent a text message over a mobile phone to express a preference. It appears that young people’s angst over their professional futures has been plumbed not just by political parties’ communications consultants, but also by the brains behind these numerous television talent shows. Indeed, Antenna television claims to have received over 7,000 applications for the second round of «Fame Story,» which is expected to be aired after the general elections. The applicants to these shows are not just hoping for a small moment of celebrity, their 15 minutes of fame, but also for a real career in the world of show business.