Opposition slams government over police station firebombing


Opposition party New Democracy on Friday issued a statement lambasting the government in the wake of a firebomb attack on a police station in central Athens on Thursday night, saying it has “surrendered Athens to the mercy of anarchy.”

Friday’s announcement came after around 20 assailants launched three Molotov cocktails at the police precinct in the central Pangrati neighborhood, causing damage to the building and a car. It was particularly critical of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, saying that he should be held “personally responsible” because of the “tolerance he shows towards certain ministers.”

The statement also cited a spate of fire-bombings against the headquarters of socialist PASOK in central Athens, raids on public buildings such as the TAIPED privatization fund and recent vandal attacks at metro stations.

“By whistling indifferently instead of intervening, the government is allowing even more scope for action by sundry extremist elements, disarming and pushing aside the Greek police and putting at risk the lives of civilians and police officers,” the conservative party’s statement said.