Scuffles break out between migrants, police at Greece’s northern border


Dozens of migrants and refugees who have blocked a railway track on Greece’s northern in demand that neighboring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) allow them passage, clashed with police on Tuesday.

Desperate after spending weeks in squalid conditions at a makeshift camp in Idomeni, several dozen refugees and migrants have set tents up on the track of the national rail network which carries cargo from Greece’s Piraeus port to northern European markets.

Police dispatched to the location on Tuesday to clear the tracks briefly clashed with protesters, who started hurling rocks and prevented officers from taking one woman into custody, the ANA-MPA news agency reported.

Greek authorities have been trying to convince thousands of refugees and migrants at Idomeni that the border will not be opened and that they should move to organized camps. These efforts, however, have been resisted by the majority of the camp's residents as they cling to the hope that will still make it across.