Animal activists gather at trial of man who tortured, killed puppy


Dozens of animal rights activists gathered at the trial in Thessaloniki of a man who tortured and killed a puppy last week.

Heeding a call made by animal rights groups over social network sites, demonstrators, some with their pets, arrived outside the Thessaloniki courthouse demanding the exemplary punishment of the accused.

However, to the ire of the protesters, the trial was postponed until September 20 because of the ongoing lawyers strike.

Several activists then marched through the streets of the city, near the home of the 39-year-old, who had not shown up at the trial and was represented by his attorney.

The man faces charges of animal cruelty for hitting the 3-month-old animal with a hard object after it urinated on his veranda. The injured dog was rushed to a veterinarian clinic but was pronounced dead on arrival.