Brothel lends hand to ‘Alexander the Great’

A once-powerful Greek-Australian soccer club fallen on hard times has signed a sponsorship deal with a high-class Melbourne brothel in a drive to restore its sagging fortunes. Heidelberg United Alexander Soccer Club, founded by immigrants from northern Greece in 1958, stands to earn 20,000 Australian dollars (12,000 euros) from the agreement with Gotham City, which, according to club chairman Ilias Deliyiannis, will be handled «in a sensitive way.» «There definitely won’t be signs at the ground or on our shirts,» the Melbourne Herald Sun daily quoted him as saying on Thursday. «But the [brothel] owner believes he will get value by word of mouth.» The club, known as Alexander the Great among its Greek-Australian supporters, has signed up several star players in a bid for promotion from the Victorian State league. To cover the costs, it has signed on several sponsors, including Cyprus’s Laiki Bank.