Survey of 20 destinations paints bleak picture

Greeks wanting to take a holiday in their own country during the Olympic Games will be faced with higher prices both at popular resorts and less well-known destinations. The first findings from Kathimerini’s survey of 20 spots around the country are that room rental rates have risen enormously, though the final rates have been fixed by hoteliers. Lesvos: A 70-room hotel in the area of Molyvos offered a double room at 66 euros in August 2003. This year, the price has been raised to 103 euros. Nearby, at Vigla Beach, a double room now costs 190 euros, compared to 83 euros last summer. Samos: At Pythagorion on Samos, a 180-room hotel offered a double room at 85 euros last year. This year, it has raised the price by 45 euros to 130 euros. Two kilometers away, a luxury resort composed of 28 rooms and 72 bungalows now rents a simple double room at 186 euros, compared to 101 euros in 2003. Chios: In the area of Hora, and specifically at a hotel housed in a refurbished pasta factory, the cost of double room has skyrocketed from 77 euros last year to 125 euros for August 2004. Kos: Last year, one night’s stay at a fully equipped resort in the area of Kefalos cost 402 euros per person. This year, the price for the same package has been set at 1,100 euros. Fourteen kilometers away from the main town of Hora, in Marmari, the price of a double room in a 212-room hotel has gone from 71 euros to 130 euros, while a 270-room hotel in the area of Mastichari has upped its rates by 50 percent. Rhodes: In the Kallithea area of Rhodes, located some 10 kilometers from the main town, a large hotel complex rented a simple double room with a limited view for 86 euros a night. This year the same room in August will cost 60 euros more. A luxury hotel complex with 175 rooms/ suites in the area of Ixia, on the other hand, rented its rooms at 141 euros in 2003 and has now set a rate of 220 euros. Naxos: On Naxos, an island which is less frequented by the jet set, one hotel at Aghios Prokopios has tripled its rate for its cheapest room from 60 euros to 180 euros. Halkidiki: A complex of 67 independent apartments in the area of Amouliani charged 82 euros a night for two people last year. This summer, the price has been set at 164 euros. In the popular destination of Kallithea, furthermore, a 536-room hotel has raised its rates for a double room from 96 euros to 150 euros. An enjoyable stay at one of the 50 suites on the beach of Nikitis this summer will cost the hefty sum of 438 euros, compared to 249 euros last year. Porto Heli: One of the biggest hotel complexes at this popular holiday destination for domestic tourists has not only raised its rates by 100 percent, but also requires visitors to book a minimum seven-day stay. Ancient Olympia: One 76-room hotel in the beautiful area of Ancient Olympia has increased its rates for a double room from 91 euros in 2003 to 120 euros this summer, while another hotel in the area was observed to have hiked room rates by 30 euros. Loutraki: Anyone wanting to spend a holiday at one of the many large hotels in the area of Loutraki and maybe even try their luck at the local casino will have to make a change of plans, because none of the large hotels Kathimerini contacted is making reservations for individuals, preferring instead to book only for large groups. Monemvasia: This is one area where rates have not increased significantly, though a room with a view will still cost a pretty penny. A survey of three reliable hotels in the area showed that increases did not exceed 10 percent, at least so far. Hania, Crete: The picture in Hania is similar to Monemvasia and the largest increases noted are 20 percent. Aghios Nikolaos, Crete: The same cannot be said for Aghios Nikolaos, and especially the popular resorts of Elounda Bay, where one 253-room hotel complex has raised the rates of its double rooms from 228 euros last year to an incredible 990 euros this summer. The same hotel has also stated that it will be offering rooms only with full board. In the same area, a well-known hotel chain on the one hand has said that Greek holidaymakers will receive a 10 percent discount, but it has raised its rates by 100 percent compared to last year. Myconos: An expensive island at the best of times, Myconos will be unimaginably expensive this summer. In the area of Aghios Ioannis, some 6 kilometers (3.5 miles) from the main town, the cost of a double room has skyrocketed from 92 euros in 2003 to 325 euros in 2004, while in Hora itself, the rates have gone from 155 euros to 230 euros. Another hotel in the area, with 58 rooms, has raised its prices this summer from 146 euros to 290 euros. Delphi: A 184-room hotel in the beautiful town of Delphi last August charged 199 euros for a double room and this year is charging 275 euros for the same. Another, smaller 42-room hotel has raised its rates from 52 euros to 90 euros. Paros: A medium-sized 50-room hotel located some 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) from the main port of Paroikia used to charge a couple 75 euros a night in 2003, but this summer it will be charging 170 euros. Two kilometers outside the town of Naoussa, a luxury 50-room hotel is now charging 450 euros a room in August, compared to 315 euros last year. Santorini: Located on the scenic cliffs of Santorini’s caldera, a complex of 16 apartments rented its cheapest double for 176 euros last year. This year the price for the same unit is set at 286 euros. Meanwhile, on the beach of Aghia Paraskevi, a 40-suite hotel is now renting a double for 250 euros, compared to 184 last year. Corfu: A large hotel complex in the area of Dasia has upped its rates from 84 euros last year to 230 euros this year. Skiathos: On the island of Skiathos, one 53-room hotel has changed its rates for a double room from 117 euros in the summer of 2003 to 225 euros this summer. Skyros: The picture is slightly more encouraging on Skyros, where rates appear to be more or less equal to last year’s. A traditional, 20-room hotel between Linaria and Hora is charging 60 euros a night for a double room this year, compared to 56 last year.