Holidays a luxury few Greeks can afford

Anyone planning a relaxing holiday to a Greek destination during the Olympic Games in August, on a sun-drenched beach away from the headache that Athens promises to be, might want to think again. Escaping the throngs that will be in the capital during the Games period will cost a pretty penny if current indications of skyrocketing prices are anything to go by. A survey of the tourism market conducted by Kathimerini in 20 better- and lesser-known destinations around the country has revealed that holidays this summer will be reserved only for those with a well-lined pocket book. Increased prices are also expected to apply to all modes of transportation though they have not been formally announced yet. As for traveling abroad instead, it seems no more appealing, given that the cost of both sea and air travel is expected to rise by 30 percent. After three «troubled» years, it is clear that the tourism industry in Greece is planning a massive counterattack, with August 2004 as its focal point.