Athenians urged to hold onto their trash

Last week’s blizzards that caused extensive problems throughout Athens and its environs also played havoc with the city’s archaic garbage disposal system. Yesterday, Athens Mayor Dora Bakoyannis urged Athenians not to take out their trash during the following 24 hours, noting that the capital’s only landfill was still not functioning properly after shutting down on Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thursday’s heavy snowfall. Bakoyannis said that the Ano Liosia garbage dump has «effectively sunk,» adding that municipal trash-removal trucks have to wait four-and-a-half hours to enter the landfill, «as every second truck sinks into the rubbish.» «We can’t have Olympic Games this way,» she stressed. The association of Attica’s local authorities, which operates the Ano Liosia dump, said the landfill was operating «without any special problems.»