Survey details

«Social and Economic Effects on Industrial and Commercial Firms and on Unemployment in Western Athens after the Earthquake of September 7, 1999» was the title of the survey carried out by the Applied and Human Geography Workshop at the Harokopeio University for the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (OASP). The survey was led by Professor Costis Hadzimichalis, while the group consisted of Dina Vaiou, Rallis Gegas, Cosmas Pavlopoulos, Calliope Sapountzaki, Sofia Skordili and Christos Halkias, with the cooperation of M. Dandoulaki, G. Melissougos, M. Haidopoulou-Vrychea, P. Hasoula and S. Hadzivassileiou. Fieldwork in western Ilion was carried out by students in the university’s department of geography.