Parrots fly to mourn hand that fed them

A pair of tame parrots with a good sense of direction have joined with human mourners to lament the death of a Cypriot villager, a report from Cyprus said yesterday. According to the Athens News Agency dispatch, the birds, which belonged to the daughter of the deceased, were found on Thursday whistling above the newly dug grave of Pavlos Theodorou, who died aged 71 in the village of Anafotia, some 20 kilometers west of Larnaca. Nonplussed mourners who turned up for the funeral said the parrots – which Theodorou regularly fed and cared for – had managed to break out of their cage in Theodorou’s daughter’s house and had flown a distance of 2 kilometers (just over a mile) to the village cemetery. The birds were still there yesterday, as their owners had decided to put out seed at the cemetery and leave them to their own devices.