Prestige official called to testify

MADRID (AP) – The Greek administrator of the Liberian company that managed the Prestige tanker has been subpoenaed to testify on the November 2002 sinking, which caused the country’s worst environmental disaster. Investigating magistrate Francisco Javier Collazo of Corcubion has ordered Michael Margetis of Universe Maritime – which has its offices in Athens – to appear in court to respond to questions about «the ship’s situation and condition» after its hull cracked in a storm on November 13, 2002, news reports said yesterday. The Prestige broke in two and sank six days later off the coast of northwestern Spain as it was being towed out to sea on orders from the Spanish government. It spilled 85 percent of the 77,000 metric tons of thick fuel oil it was carrying, fouling hundreds of kilometers of coast and temporarily putting thousands of fishermen out of work. The ship’s Greek captain, Apostolos Mangouras, 69, was arrested and only released on bail of 3 million euros. He has been banned from leaving Spain.