Wreck survey fails to find more parts of ancient cog


New underwater investigations at a rich ancient shipwreck in Greece have uncovered dozens of artifacts, but no more pieces of the most famous item on the ship’s cargo – a 2,000-year-old astronomical instrument.

The Greek Culture Ministry said Wednesday that the May 22-June 11 survey by Greek and US archaeologists off Antikythera island located about 60 metal, stone, pottery and glass objects.

These included a bronze spear, which would have been part of a statue, four fragments of marble statues, and a gold ring.

The 1st century BC wreck was found in 1900 and yielded marble and bronze statues, and parts of a complex bronze mechanism that showed the position of the planets and predicted eclipses.

Experts are hoping to find more of its pieces. The modern investigations started in 2012.