Bodyguard shootout at shipowner’s house

A Piraeus shipowner’s embittered former bodyguards were in police custody yesterday after allegedly invading their former employer’s house and engaging in a shootout with their successors. One of Ioannis Mavrakakis’s two current security guards, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, 27, was lightly injured by a bullet that grazed his arm and thigh. Together with his colleague, Yiannis Syrianidis, Papadopoulos allegedly came under fire from their two immediate predecessors, Zacharias Vivellakis and Costas Lazanas, during the shootout late on Monday at Mavrakakis’s house at 8 Vassileos Pavlou Street in the upmarket Piraeus district of Kastella. Mavrakakis himself was away at the time of the attack. Vivellakis and Lazanas were arrested early yesterday. Police believe the bodyguards were seeking revenge for the loss of their jobs.