50 Years Ago Today

GREECE-UN SECURITY COUNCIL: Paris, 5 – (From our correspondent S. Theodorou). The Soviet representatives (to the UN) have again submitted to the General Assembly presidium a proposal, already once rejected by the (political) committee, on the Greek question but asking that this time it be examined by the General Assembly, which is to meet tomorrow and the day after, and for elections of the non-permanent members of the Security Council and the International Court of Justice in The Hague. It is likely that the Special Political Committee’s decision on the Greek question will be brought before the General Assembly after the elections for seats on the Security Council and Court. (…) There has been a great deal of backstage negotiations between interested delegations regarding the candidacy of Greece and Belorussia for seats on the Security Council and that of Venezuela and India for the International Court. ART EXHIBIT: The Education Ministry’s Department of Fine Arts will be holding a nationwide art exhibition at Zappeion Hall in March and April of next year. The US mediating monopoly – for the first time a great power was unchallenged by conflicting visions of regional order – was accompanied by the emancipation of the local protagonists: Israel, Iran, even Syria, and a defeated Iraq demonstrated its ability to delay or even perplex efforts when it deemed that the proposed solution bypassed its vital interests. Ten years after Operation Desert Storm and a year after the eruption of fresh violence between Israel and the Palestinians, the American interventionist monopoly emerges as a relatively precious advantage.