Athens airport police arrest woman carrying 2.5 kg of cocaine


Police at Athens International Airport have arrested a 29-year-old Bulgarian woman after finding 2.5 kilograms of cocaine hidden in packages of powdered ice cream, authorities said on Friday.

The arrest took place on Wednesday and narcotics investigators have discovered that the woman had traveled from the Bulgarian capital Sofia to Athens, then onto Rio de Janeiro, where she spent about 10 days before returning to Athens with the drugs in her luggage.

The suspect claims she was planning to take a bus from Athens back to Sofia, though investigators believe she was carrying the narcotics for delivery in Greece and that she may have been recruited as a so-called “mule” by an international smuggling network with connections in Bulgaria, Greece and Brazil.

Her arrest is reminiscent of that in 2015 of a 27-year-old Portuguese woman who was stopped at the Athens airport after having traveled from Rio via Zurich with 2.5 kilograms of cocaine hidden in packages of hair dye.